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We specialize in home rentals, apartment rentals and vacation rentals in specific cities throughout California. We believe you are interested in finding a place to rent with ease and efficiency by looking for rentals online. Search individual rental property listings and MLS rental property listings.

All Real Estate is Local!

The visitors to our sites want to rent in say, Laguna Beach - not Southern California, not Orange County, not a beach city, but Laguna Beach. In fact their interest may be even more specific to a particular neighborhood. Our site is specifically designed for renters and landlords with an intimate knowledge of the specific city featured on the site.

Powerful and Cost-Effective Advertising

Rental agents, property management companies, property owners, hotel owners, and individual homeowners can all take advantage of our websites  to reach renters interested in a specific city. Each rental property ad can be customized with text descriptions, photographs, virtual tours and slideshows to promote your unique property.

Why Drive When You Can Surf?TM

Why waste your time driving in hopes of coming across that great place to rent? Surf our property ads, view pictures, view tours, and contact the Landlord directly.

Rent AlertsTM Service

Register for our free Rent Alerts service to receive automatic notification of new properties that match your search criteria. The best rentals fill quickly so stay abreast of new ads without having to check the site constantly.

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